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Top military experts and academics to discuss how emerging technologies can save soldiers’ lives

Medical TechnologySenior military personnel and academics will discuss how emerging technologies and systems can play an essential part in saving soldiers’ lives on and off the battlefield at the Health Support Systems and Medical Logistics Summit.

Many significant developments in technology have recently been made in the field of medical care and innovative solutions are currently being researched and developed to ensure that soldiers and civilians are provided with the best care during and after battle.

The Health Support Systems and Medical Logistics conference will give an opportunity to keys members of the military, government, industry and academia from all over the world to discuss the ways in which technology can significantly enhance soldier and civilian care in combat situations.

The forum will take a wide look at different technologies and case studies being undertaken, developed and implemented by different military bodies all over the world including the US Department of Defense, the UK military, NATO, the Australian Army, the Royal Netherlands Army and the Israeli Defence Forces. 

Areas of research involve exploring a wide range of leading edge technologies. One example of groundbreaking technology is the use of virtual simulation programmes such as Virtual Iraq and Virtual Afghanistan to treat combat-induced PTSD as a form of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Alongside soldier welfare, the conference will also cover the logistics behind implementing new technologies with the most up-to-date health support systems. This includes the future of record keeping using holographic electronic medical records, electrocardiograms, biochemical data and vocal recognition technology, validating data, telemedicine, pre-deployment training, portable units and digital medical tools.

Health Support Systems and Medical Logistics is part of the internationally renowned Battlefield Healthcare series and it will be held on October 25th-26th in CCT Canary Wharf, London. For more information about the conference or to download exclusive reports, articles, presentations and interviews on groundbreaking MILMED technologies, please visit:


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