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UK MoD, Royal Navy, French Navy and US NAVY to Present at Inaugural Submarine Operations & Requirements 2010

Submarine Conference

Members of the UK MoD, Royal Navy, French Navy and US Navy will be gathering in London to discuss the major challenges facing the submarine community and their evolving role in the defence industry. Defence IQ‘s  inaugural Submarine Operations & Requirements, which is scheduled for 29th September – 1st October 2010 at the CCT Smithfield, London, will put recent submarine programmes and their costs under scrutiny.  In addition, the conference will cover the increased interest in using the submarine as more than just blue-water navy, endowing submarines with multi-role capabilities. 

“Submarines have carved a niche for themselves as a covert intelligence gatherer […] and power projector in the littorals, comments Professor Eric Grove, Director, Centre for International Security and War Studies, University of Salford during an interview with Defence IQ.

However, this brings about a new set of challenges for those responsible for submarine operations and future requirements. Equipping new and existing platforms with land attack capability, increasing connectivity and adaptations in hull design are all driving the evolution of the submarine mission profile and enabling their integration into the wider fleet. Maintaining submarines at the forefront of naval capabilities has become even more critical, with key players in the submarine world seeking innovative ideas for maintaining affordability without compromising capability and sustainability. 

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