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UK Surgeon General explains ‘intelligent system’ for troop recovery

The Surgeon General of the British Armed Forces provided an intriguing brief into the end-to-end process for injured soldiers this month, detailing the course of action from the moment of trauma in theatre to the ongoing support that troops receive when looking to properly readjust to normal life.

Surgeon Vice Admiral Philip Raffaelli made clear that the entire step-by-step procedure was critical in ensuring a proper healthcare service, as the complications inherent in treating the large number of injuries suffered from explosive blasts necessitated a wide range of specialists.

Speaking at the press conference at the MoD Main Building in Whitehall, Raffaelli began the overview by emphasising the importance of primary medical activity on the frontline.

“Our focus at the very, very beginning is catastrophic bleeding and so all our soldiers are trained in applying combat tourniquets to stop the bleeding and also to use modern bandages that have mechanisms in them that help reduce the bleeding.

“Also partnered with the combat troops on patrol are combat medical assistants and combat medical technicians to offer that next level of care.”

To read the full article detailing the process, please download the PDF here.


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