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Admiral Lord West: Rules of Engagement and Infrastructure Vulnerabilities in Cyber Warfare

Defence IQ caught up with Admiral Lord West for an exclusive interview on Cyber Warfare. Here are some snippets from the interview

1. The Considerations of Cyber Warfare

This includes the ethical element of interacting with citizens across counties as well as the question as should young individuals with the skills be given the authority to act upon Cyber threats. Watch the full interview:…

2. What should the british government reaction to Cyber law and legality be?

To date the British Government have not re-acted violently. Watch more:

3. The Terrorist threats associated with Cyber Security

Terrorists use it for radicalisation. Using it to attack critical infrastructure…..Watch more:

4. How do we define Parody between attack and response?

These are not straightened out and they need to be. Watch more:

6. Estimation of Cost: Are Hackers Costing the UK Billions?

The cost of resolving hackers can reach the billions. The only way to ensure 100% protection online is to not be connected…
Watch more:

7. Where does the budget for Cyber Security from?


Admiral Lord West points out the government does not have budget for this so the funding needs to some from elsewhere. Watch more:

8. Would Admiral Lord West take up a position within the Coalition Government asked him to do so?

As a state servant from his history in the Navy Lord West would assist. Watch more:  …

9. Do you think the UK will go down the Cyber Command route?

Admiral Lord West discusses how the MoD could address this taking into account ethics, legalities and linking to Cyber Warfare. A form of structure is key.
Watch more:  …


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