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Middle Eastern Artillery Forces Set to Meet for Discussion on Future Artillery Weaponry

Jordanian Armed Forces will welcome senior representatives from Middle Eastern Military to the region’s biggest Future Artillery Middle East conference to be held in Jordan in November 2010. A panel of regional senior military speakers will focus on how the most advanced artillery systems developed in Europe and the US can be effectively utilised by the Middle East’s militaries to promote the security and stability of the region, as well as to enhance interoperability with coalition forces to build a platform for future operations.

The core focus of this gathering will be the addressing of future requirements and priorities for further development by a senior Jordanian military official which is mainly going to be the theme of the conference.

In addition, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Nasser Al-Farsi, Former Artillery Commander from Kuwait Armed Forces addressing on “Artillery C4I capabilities of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces”, and Dr. Moayad Saman, chairman of King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) focuses  on “planned developments and future priorities”.

Furthermore, Brigadier General Mohammad Khalil Banni Younes will be addressing the future requirements and priorities for further developments along with senior military officials including Maj. Gen. (P) Genaro Dellarocco of the US Army, Maj. Gen. Peter M. Vangjel of the Third Army/US Army and Major Gen. David Halverson.

With future requirements being the main priority in the middle eastern artillery forces, the gathering of leading industry professionals and senior military officials at the Future Artillery Middle East symposium is likely to be an important networking opportunity.


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