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COIN Experts to Discuss New Single Service AP3000 Doctrine at Airborne Counter-Insurgency Conference

COIN experts will be gathering to discuss air power as a component of the AP3000 at Defence IQ’s Airborne Counter-Insurgency conference, taking place 30th November – 1st December 2010 at the CCT Smithfield in London, UK.

The need for top-end air superiority capability has come into the news more frequently in the past year, with notices of successful precision air strikes, including those in Kandahar, and the new and improved door gun for the Commando Helicopter Force.  In addition, just recently the RAF formed two new units, 58 Squadron RAF Regiment and No 8 RAF Force Protection (FP) Wing Headquarters, to ensure air assets and personnel in Bastion and Afghanistan could operate freely. 

 “Force protection is of vital importance to allowing the RAF to play its part in bringing stability to Afghanistan, and also to allow all those at the bases we protect to get on with their work unhindered by insurgents,” says Air Commodore Russell La Forte, the Commandant General of the RAF Regiment, in an article released by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Force protection, irregular warfare and COIN capability are the main topics to be discussed at the ACOIN event this November, as well as the evolving doctrinal thinking and strategic planning and the challenges arising for platform requirements and dedicated light strike procurement.  Other event sessions include:

  • Case study from the Swedish Air Force explaining how countries construct a comprehensive airborne COIN capability by modifying, adapting and utilising existing UAV, Fixed-Wing and Rotor-Wing platforms
  • Hear the US Army/US Marine Corps COIN Centre’s updated analysis of the evolving role of airpower in ISAF operations
  • Training and resourcing partner nations with dedicated light strike aircraft  

Other organisations sharing insight on COIN assets in London will include:

  • Royal Air Force
  • United States Air Force
  • Swedish National Defence College
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • United States Air Force Academy
  • Land Warfare Centre
  • NATO
  • RAND Organisation 

The full agenda, podcast, articles and interviews, are available on  The Defence IQ – Air Community LinkedIn group is open for membership at
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