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Border Management 2010 – Develop and deploy border management technologies efficiently

Governments are constantly at work to protect nations while facilitating legitimate travel and commerce between borders. There is consistent development and deployment of border technologies, to react to and counter increasing sophisticated methods used by criminals and terrorists. These improvements consist of various opportunities for border security stakeholders (both international and national government agencies as well as port and airport authorities) and technology providers to take action in developing and adopting the most effective technologies to secure national and EU wide borders.

“We need to know who is coming to the country and who has left so that we are able to stop those who are not allowed to come here. A working e-Borders programme will help us perform all those vital tasks. After much consideration, we will now seek providers as a matter of urgency”.

Such were the words of Immigration Minister Damian Green this July after the announcement that the Home Office had decided to dismiss Raytheon Systems Limited, the firm in charge of the government’s £750m e-borders programme, over delays.

Months on, border management is still clearly a ‘hot topic’ and there are many opportunities out there for anyone involved in this arena. To be able to seize them though, you need to make sure you:
• know who to deal with and where you can meet the right people
• understand what the needs and objectives of this market
• possess a sound knowledge to be able to interact with other counterparties

Building on the success of our US conference, Defence IQ is pleased to bring you Border Management 2010, to be held on 28th – 29th October 2010 in London. Supported by Borderpol and EBF, this event will help you develop and deploy border management technologies efficiently to protect national security while facilitate international trade and travel – visit our website,

Working with industry leaders and experts operating internationally, border management will provide you with:

• The advanced identity management technologies being used to enhance homeland security whilst facilitating legitimate travel and trade with a comprehensive briefing on US-VISIT, the world’s largest border control biometric system

New methods of controlling and protecting borders, with emphasis on new technologies in the early stage of adoption by border and custom management agencies such as Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), satellite imaging, wireless communication and electronic seals. Understand which options available are most suitable for your needs

• Detailed discussion of the new integrated systems for border security management in Europe from the EU Commission, with detailed insights into the Schengen Information System II (SIS II), Visa Information System (VIS), Entry/ Exit System and Passenger Name Records (PNR)

• Current policies, requirements and planned technology implementations: Evaluating their impact on both your own priorities in border management and
on the citizens they are designed to protect

• Efforts in interagency coordination, partnerships and interoperability with contributions from a number of stakeholders including INTERPOL, FRONTEX,
BORDERPOL, EU as well as national agencies such as the DHS, UKBA and Jordan Customs
For further details about the agenda, go to

By attending, you will:

1) Network with a full range of border management stakeholders from different countries and programmes, from both the public and private sectors, and be able to forge relationships that could turn into future work

2) Leave with new approaches to address similar border management challenges from other stakeholders including from the UK, Netherlands, Israel, US and Jordan

3) Gain an overview of the latest technologies and procedures such as FLUX, SIS II, PNR, electronic transit monitoring, biometrics, remote surveillance UAVs and how they can meet today’s border management needs

4) Prioritise future strategies to ensure complete preparedness for future border management

5) Get discounted rates for public sector and government attendees

For further information on this event and access your complimentary downloads (videos, articles, presentations, etc.) please visit our website: Alternatively, contact us on +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 or email Please remember to quote your exclusive code ‘DEFENCESUMMITBORDER’.


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