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Royal Navy Commodores to run keynote sessions at Defence IQPC’s Afloat Support and Naval Logistics

Defence IQPC’s Afloat Support and Naval Logistics: Providing a full, 360° view of afloat support and naval logistics from ship to shore.

Sent thousands of miles away, navies today are used to project power well beyond their country’s borders. To remain as efficient and safe as possible, these navies need to remain at sea, thus requiring the assistace ofn support ships supplying fuel, food, ammunition, water, medicine, maintenance and spare parts. Every navy will have support ships of these types, although some may also contract out the deliverance of supplies to commercial shipping companies.

The fact is that shipbuilding is a very expensive business and in recent years there has been a trend to cut naval budgets, particularly in the UK. Some navies however continue to expand and countries such as Brazil, Chile, Turkey and Australia continue to invest in their navies.

Also, concerns about budget means that some nations such as Norway, the Netherlands, Canada and Portugal are building joint support ships (e.g. Enhanced Support Ships, Joint Support Ships, Multi-Role Support Ships) that can do a number of logistic tasks.

Linked to this is the question of sea basing, crucial for navies since they allow for a more easily defended and more mobile base at sea, thus leaving a smaller ‘logistic footprint’. This is a key area of US Marine Corp expeditionary logistics and one that is also being followed, to a lesser degree by European navies.

Building on the success of our previous runnings and the feedback of our past delegates, Defence IQ is pleased to bring you Afloat Support and Naval Logistics, to be held on 9th – 10th December 2010 in London. This event now covers a far broader subject matter, moving far beyond simple platform analysis to a comprehensive analysis of the whole supply chain – from operational feedback to cargo on the shore. This will provide for a greater coverage of the key issues and is of concern to key military and industry players. For further details about the conference and free downloads, visit our website:

Working with industry leaders and experts operating internationally, Afloat Support and Naval Logistics will provide you with:
In depth coverage of UK naval logistics, with highly relevant analysis of maritime aspects of the UK joint supply chain from the Commodore of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and the Assistant Chief of Staff Logistics, Royal Navy

Full 360 degree analysis of naval logistics:
  • Examination of on-shore facilities and their role in naval logistics
  • RFID asset management and total asset visibility
  • Third-party logistics and real-life support to fleet
  • Ship-to-ship cargo transfer (DSTL and ONR LO/LO crane) and amphibious landing craft

• Up to date logistic analyses from Operation Ocean Shield and Operation Atalanta off the Horn of Africa, plus US SOUTHCOM on disaster relief to Haiti, with feedback and lessons learned from operating in testing environments, and the unique support concept for Canadian Arctic operations
For further details about the agenda, go to

By attending, you will:
• gain a fuller understanding of the UK maritime supply joint supply chain
• get to grip with all aspects of the provision of logistic support to anti-piracy, humanitarian and Arctic patrol operations
• find out how to make significant efficiency savings to your supply chain as well as manage and distribute your assets more effectively
• gain more insight into the support offered by Third Party Logistics Support providers
• lean about  RAS technology
• network with the afloat support community, from military requirements setters, logistics programme managers to industry leaders whether prime or secondary contractors
• showcase how your market offerings will help to deliver what this community needs
• forge relationships that could turn into future work

For further information on this event and access your complimentary downloads (videos, articles, presentations, etc.) please visit our website: Alternatively, contact us on +44 (0) 20 7368 9300 or email Please remember to quote your exclusive code ‘DSAFLOAT’.


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