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Brigadier General Roger Mathews to brief the air defence community next week

At the ceremony to mark Brigadier General Roger Mathews’ promotion in 2007 within the US Army Air Defence Artillery School, Lt. Gen. Kevin T. Campbell, the SMDC/ARSTRAT commander, officiating at the ceremony, commented on Mathews’ achievements:

“Roger has had all the right assignments. He has served in Armored and Infantry divisions and Joint assignments. He has commanded at all levels,”

With a background overseeing the operations of two unique international brigades offering 24/7/365 space support to the warfighter and the US’ homeland defence against missile attacks, General Campbell described BrigGen Mathews’ acumen as “equating to Olympic standards.” Indeed, his pre-eminence in the field is beyond argument.

Next week BrigGen Mathews will be addressing his military and industry peers in London on the US Army Air Defence Artillery School (USAADASCH) training for their Air Defence operators. As well as giving his peers an overview of USAADASCH, he will also present updates of the most prevalent systems such as the C-RAM, Sentinel, Stinger/Avenger and the Patriot. Looking at the recent developments in the PAC-3 upgrade and C-RAM systems, BrigGen Mathews will also be able to offer his counterparts an insight into what the future holds for requirements and plans within the air defence community. Due to take place at Defence IQ’s 3rd Annual Ground Based Air and Missile Defence gathering (, he will be joined on the briefing panel by his US colleagues from USAF and US Army as well as cohorts from further afield, such as the National Defence University of Taiwan, German Army and Swiss Air Force.

The advancement of air defence capability is of critical importance. The air defence community therefore eagerly awaits BrigGen Mathews’ assessment of the latest developments in simulation and training in order to provide genuine preparation for use of an integrated air and missile defence “system of systems”.

To view more details on BrigGen Mathews’ address at the event as well as the rest of forum’s briefings next week in London, download the agenda in full at

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