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USAF 340th Expeditionary Air Refuelling Squadron Discusses Ageing Aircrafts and Future Requirements at Aerial Refuelling Conference

Lieutenant Colonel Michael B. Frymire from the US Air Force’s 340th Expeditionary Air Refuelling Squadron will be leading a session at the upcoming Air Tankers & Aerial Refuelling conference, taking place 25th-27th January 2011 at the CCT Smithfield, London.

Drawing from recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lieutenant Colonel Frymire will discuss the limitations of working with an ageing airframe and identify future requirements.  This session is part of a 2-day agenda, which ties in lessons from recent refuelling operations with ongoing work in maintenance, upgrade and clearance programmes to outline how future AAR capability can be made more cost effective.

In a recent article, Aviation Research representative Jerry Moran predicted “even if Congress moves immediately on a contract for a new tanker, the last of the existing KC-135R tankers won’t be retired until around 2042-46.”

So how will emerging requirements be met for the foreseeable future without a new tanker air craft? How should these air frames be maintained and upgraded to ensure a cost-effective operational AAR capability?

Lieutenant Colonel Michael B. Frymire will be just one of several to lead discussions addressing these questions for AAR professionals, including sessions on allied and helicopter refuelling, AAR efficiency studies and tanker training.  Other speakers and sessions include:

  • Col. Joseph DeMarco, Commander 100th Air Refuelling Wing, US Air Force on refuelling partnerships and the future of partnered AAR in Europe
  • Col. Bert Beuker, Head of Military Aircraft Certification, Netherlands Ministry of Defence, exploring the Netherlands KCD-10 upgrade programme.
  • Lt. Col Robert Coulthard, Director Air Requirements 2, Canadian DND, speaking on the Canadian CC-150T Polaris programme and operating one of the first in-service MRTT platforms in the world.
  • Lt. Col. Gioacchino Cassara, Air to Air Refuelling Cell, Movement Coordination Centre Europe, on MCCE experience and projects.

 To encourage the expansion of the AAR community, Defence IQ is offering General/Flag Officers 1* and above a free pass to attend the conference.  Passes can be requested from Kim Vigilia at  

Additional information is available on  The Defence IQ – Air Community LinkedIn group is open at Visit for related content.


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