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BAE unveils ULW Soldier Systems

BAE systems have unveiled their latest Ultra Lightweight Warrior (ULW) system of innovative body armour which is designed to offer flexible protection and dramatic weight savings for soldiers (ASD News, 2010). The ULW system has been designed by taking in to consideration the lessons learned in current global conflicts.

Joe Coltman, Vice President of BAE Systems’ Security & Survivability business said “Real life combat in Afghanistan and Iraq helped to shape ULW’s development”. He also added, “Over the years, as new threats have emerged, a soldier’s protection level has likewise had to increase, translating into more and heavier equipment. The ULW system provides the scalable, modular protection that soldiers require, but up to a 35 percent weight savings when measured against comparable soldier equipment” (ASD News).

Soldiers carrying heavy weight in theatre have been one of the most common setbacks for many armed forces. Brigadier Carew Wilks, (Head of Individual and Capability Group, Defence Equipment & Support, UK MoD)  briefs on “Developing the optimum personal equipment set for the dismounted UK soldier” at the 3rd Annual Soldier Survivability and Personal Protection symposium. He addresses key issues including the importance of reducing carry weight for UK Soldiers as well as ensuring the dismounted soldier has maximum maneuverability without compromising protective capability.

One of the key themes of the 3rd Annual Soldier Survivability and Personal Protection symposium will be to discuss the importance of future material, armour, technology and how the armed forces are planning the future road ahead.


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