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Defence IQ announces dates for new Amphibious Operations conference

Defence IQ has announced the dates for a groundbreaking new conference that will explore the future of amphibious operations. Amphibious Operations 2011, which will be held in London on the 8th-9th March 2011, will bring together naval forces from all over the globe to discuss how expeditionary forces can meet the demand for multi-role amphibious vehicles during combat and humanitarian missions.

With funding pressures mounting, and cut-backs planned, Amphibious Operations will facilitate a critical self-examination of the current capabilities and future requirements of modern, flexible and effective expeditionary forces which need the ability to project power anywhere in the world, at short notice.

Amphibious forces are the crucial centrepiece of the power-projection equation, and as a consequence amphibious forces around the world are growing, both in terms of size and importance. The complex and varied nature of amphibious operations means that these forces require the very best equipment, suited to a number of possible different roles from amphibious assault to humanitarian and civic assistance operations. Military and industry must keep up-to-date with the rapid evolution of tactics and technology in the field of amphibious-capability and expeditionary warfare.

Open communication and cooperation between allied states and the defence industry is necessary to optimise marine expeditionary forces for the future. Defence IQ’s Amphibious Operations conference will address the key challenges and solutions in this critical naval sector. This event will bring together those individuals who are leading the amphibious warfare community as it aims to overcoming increasingly important challenges including:

  • Understanding the global strategic environment and its impact on amphibious forces. What lies ahead for amphibious forces?
  • Establishing and maintaining an optimal mix of marine and airpower assets. DefenceIQ’s Amphibious Operations is the forum to evaluate the newest LHA (Landing Helicopter Assault), LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock), LSD (Landing Ship Tank), LPD (Landing Platform Dock) designs. Hear a vast array of different international perspectives distilled into two days packed with information.
  • Improve working relationships between all stakeholders. Amphibious Operations will highlight leading examples of international co-operation and co-ordination between naval forces engaging in amphibious operations around the world, enabling you to learn from these highly informative case studies. Furthermore, the Amphibious Operations conference will address the best ways to improve working relationships between the military and defence industry.

For more information about Amphibious Operations 2011, please visit, call +44(0)207 368 9300 or email


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