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Ken Shaw (Boeing) and Nigel Trundle (BAE) to speak at Defence Logistics 2011

As military personnel and private contractors increasingly work together, third party logistics will be the main focus of Europe’s most operationally focussed event, Defence Logistics Europe 2011.

Kenneth A. Shaw, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Global Services & Support, Boeing and Nigel Trundle, Head of Supply Chain Integration, BAE Systems will be speaking at Defence Logistics Europe 2011. As Frost & Sullivan estimates that the UK defence logistics market alone will be worth £4.6Bn by 2015 and recent wars are increasingly privatised, Defence Logistics Europe 2011 will focus on third party logistics.

As budgets become more constrained due to the UK Strategic Defence Review and militaries look to concentrate on ‘front-line’ operations, military organisations are turning to supply chain service businesses to deliver efficient and rapid solutions.  Indeed, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been the most privatised in history, with private contractors exceeding the numbers of soldiers in 2010.

In order to meet this shift to private contracting, Defence Logistics Europe 2011 will bring together senior level speakers from Boeing, BAE Systems, UK MOD DCSOM, Canada’s CANOSCOM, the Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre in Prague and the Italian Air Force’s Fuel Logistics Division to discuss future opportunities for third party solution providers. The defence logistics conference will also examine the needs of private contractors including BAE System’s Integrated Supply Chain Division and Boeing’s Chinook Fleet Maintenance Division.

Defence Logistics Europe 2011 has already generated a lot of excitement due to its senior military speakers. Confirmed speakers include Major General Jeff Mason MBE, ACDS Log Ops, UK MOD, Major General Mark E. McQuillan, CD Commander, CANOSCOM, Canadian Ministry of Defence, Air Vice Marshall Margaret Staib, AM, CSC Commander Joint Logistics Australian Department of Defence and Commodore Chris Gardner, Head of Capability Improvement RN, UK MOD.

Defence Logistics Europe will take a close look at the ways in which military and industry personnel can work together at an optimal level, closely understanding the needs of both military organisations and private contractors. 

Defence Logistics Europe 2011 will be taking place on 21 – 23 March, 2011 and will be held at The Radisson Edwardian Hotel, London Heathrow Airport, London, UK. If you would like more information or would like to access free and exclusive presentations, articles and videos on defence logistics, please visit


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