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US Air Force Materiel Command Director of Logistics Discusses Cost-Saving Measures at Defence Logistics Conference

Major General Kathleen D. Close, Director of Logistics and Sustainment, US Air Force Materiel Command, will be leading a session at the upcoming Defence Logistics UAE conference, taking place 4th-6th April 2011 at the Armed Forces Officers Club, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

In the wake of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ announcement of sweeping budget cuts to the country’s military and defence department, Major General Close will examine ways to achieve efficiencies and eliminate needless waste, including streamlining the use of contractors, sharpening the roles of senior ranks and eliminating costly and redundant reports.

At a press conference on January 6, Gates told reporters that the planned $78 billion cuts were aimed at eliminating “wasteful, excessive and unneeded spending”. However, he also added that the US Army, Navy and Air Force had forecasted $100 billion of savings through efficiency and cost-saving measures over the next five years, which they would be able to retain and re-invest in modernization and acquisition programmes.

What lessons can be learned from the experiences of Major General Close, in relation to directing logistical policy and procedures for US Air Force Materiel Command? How can modern day logistic operations be made more collaborative, more integrated and more efficient? And what impact will this have on the requirements of military organisations, specifically within the Middle East region?

Major General Close will be just one of an expert speaker panel of logisticians to lead discussions on the latest logistic operational feedback, as well as the future strategies and requirements of the UAE Armed Forces and other leading international militaries. Other speakers and sessions include:

  • Brigadier Alistair Deas, Commandant, Defence College of Logistics and Personnel Administration, British Army, MoD, speaking on bringing logisticians from all three services together and working towards a fully-integrated training regime.
  • Colonel Shelia ‘J-Mac’ McClaney, Commander, ACOS G4, Rapid Deployable Corps, NATO, who will discuss the NATO experience in Afghanistan and providing front line support to a sustained land campaign.
  • Colonel Raimo Petasnoro, Chief of Logistics, Finland Army Materiel Command, Finnish Defence Forces, on defence system life cycle management and strategic partnership in maintenance.

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