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Defence Minister Luff Addresses Successes and Failures of Defence Review Process

Peter Luff MP
Minister for Defence Equipment Support and Technology
15 March 2011

Speech delivered to the RUSI/ Cranfield conference on Defence Acquisition Reform at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham.

Challenges that lie ahead
I’m delighted that RUSI and Cranfield University have come together to bring us this important conference on acquisition reform. It’s a seamless match.

Bernard and I will try to do justice to that ethos of seamlessness as we open this first session… That’s because, together with Lord Levene, we are the coalface team that the Prime Minister and Liam Fox have charged with responsibility for making Defence acquisition work.

We have an enormous opportunity. Genuine acquisition reform will mean better value for money for the British taxpayer; greater stability and clarity for industry; and our Armed Forces will have the equipment they need, when they need it now and in the future.

We also have two enormous challenges. First, even in the best of times, Defence acquisition is not easy. Procuring and supporting everything from the most basic supplies to the most complex engineering and technology on the planet, and deploying and supporting it in the harshest global conditions, is a task of epic proportions.

We spend “£20 billion on contracts each year, or 54% of the core Defence budget,” though of course much less than that is on actual equipment. Contrary to public perception, we deliver the vast majority of around 2,000 equipment and support projects at any one time to performance, time, and cost…

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