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Typhoon joins Tornado in Libya ground attack operations

Typhoon jets are providing a ground attack capability in addition to Tornado GR4 aircraft as British forces continue to support NATO operations in Libya.

Speaking to the media in London, Air Vice-Marshal Phil Osborn, Air Officer Commanding No 2 Group, said that the use of Typhoon in a multi-role fit, combined with Tornado, provides a highly responsive and balanced capability while maintaining the deployed force at the most efficient level.

The Typhoons are carrying Enhanced Paveway II bombs for the operation, complementing the ordnance carried by the GR4s and increasing the variety of precision-guided weapons available to NATO.

Air Vice-Marshal Osborn revealed that yesterday evening a Typhoon patrolling with a Tornado over western Libya was able to positively identify regime main battle tanks (MBTs) to the south of Misurata. The two aircraft attacked and the Typhoon successfully engaged two MBTs with Enhanced Paveway II bombs, while the Tornado hit another MBT with Paveway IV.

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