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‘Libyanistan’: 5 Strategies We Should Have Followed – And Still Aren’t

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was in Boston on advanced consulting training at the corporate headquarters of the business consulting firm I was working for at the time. That day the training was cancelled and we were sent to our hotels rooms. I remember being glued all day to that well-known 24-hours news channel.

The genesis of anti-Al Qaeda warfare

After the initial shock, the training resumed later that week. Once the course was completed, I rented a car and made the long drive home to Montreal, as airlines were still grounded across the US. This five-hour drive gave me time to think, as a senior Canadian Army officer in Reserves, about where this could lead us to be involved in. Afghanistan, where Al Qaeda had sanctuary by the Taliban, was soon identified as a target. I never thought when it started that we would still be there 10 years later.

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