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Top Army bomb squad officer who resigned reveals IED training problems

Colonel Bob Seddon - Defence IQ Interview

Colonel Bob Seddon interviewed by Defence IQ

During the week of 17 May, Defence IQ ( will be airing an exclusive interview with the British Army’s most senior counter-IED operator, Colonel Bob Seddon.

The 45 minute expose, conducted with Defence IQ’s Senior Editor Robert Densmore, is Colonel Seddon’s first public interview since his retirement took effect on 26 April 2011. Having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, he became well known for his criticism of MoD provisions for training and recruiting IED operators.

Col Seddon served as principal ammunition technical officer of the Royal Logistics Corps and announced his intention to retire in May of 2010, during which time the MoD stated he could only comment in a limited capacity on IED operations in Afghanistan.

The former IED operator, who appeared dressed in civilian attire, commented in length about how he felt the war in Afghanistan was progressing and how the Taliban’s IED tactics have evolved as well as describing the human cost of IED warfare.

For the first time since initially expressing dissatisfaction over British Army policy, Colonel Seddon opened up in front of the cameras about his experience with the personal cost of the Afghan conflict. The interview can be viewed on demand at beginning 17 May.

Col Seddon will be chairing the 5th Annual Counter-IEDs event, to be held on 20-22 June 2011 at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London. To register, visit


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