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White House’s Cyber Strategy “surprising and disappointing”

So, after lengthy consideration, White House officials unveiled the “International Strategy for Cyberspace” along with the proposal for new, tough, cybersecurity legislation.

In response, the Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo! has written up a review from a “practitioner’s perspective”, focusing on areas that he has found to be confused and underdeveloped.

Justin Somaini raises an important issue. Are policy decision driven more by academia than by frontline operational experience? And if so, are national and international security strategies destined to fail?

Others have also thrown in their thoughts on the paper over the past few weeks – chief among them China, whose media reports have openly criticised aspects from the government’s implication that it will allow itself to potentially meet any threat with military force, and that it could stoke more flames between the two nations in regards to public levels of freedom on the internet.

Europe is currently addressing many of the same digital issues, and will no doubt look to U.S.policy and its impact as they move towards more concrete cyber defence. Readers who want early insight into these developments can register at Cyber Warfare Europe 2011 being held in Berlin this September.

Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton presents the official report


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