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Armoured Vehicles 2012: Industry Report

Defence IQ recently released a 31 page research report on the Armoured Vehicles 2012 market.The report examines topics including; armoured vehicle design requirements, key emerging global markets, the lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan, and the impact of the global economic meltdown as defence budgets (at least in the traditionally big-spending defence nations) continue to wane.

You can download the document for free (really, it’s free) by following this link.

Executive Summary

Armoured vehicle requirements over the next decade will centre around being modular, mobile and adaptable. The demand for light armoured vehicles will outstrip all other variants, meaning the supply chain and end-user must traverse the delicate balance between protection and manoeuvrability during this age of economic austerity.

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were identified by survey respondents as being the most potent and important threat to protect against over the next ten years. In Iraq and Afghanistan IEDs have posed the greatest threat to the lives of serving personnel; their rapid dissemination on the battlefield caught government and industry alike off-guard. Ensuring military forces are equipped with vehicles that are fit for purpose means they must be designed to mitigate the effects of an IED blast and its fallout.
In order to achieve this, and to safeguard continual innovation in the industry, keeping research and development budgets on track will be one of the key challenges as the economic crunch looms. Next generation armoured vehicle programmes are already facing delays and cancellation. Finding new ways to combat threats on a shoestring budget is the military’s target, and industry’s mission.

However, not every government is faced with the same fiscal constraint. Countries in Asia, South America and the Middle East are all investing in their future capabilities, with India being the most important and hopeful among these. It will be these emerging economies with maturing militaries that will fuel growth for the armoured vehicle market in the future, or at least sustain it at a tolerable level until the global economy recovers.


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