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Brazilian Armoured Vehicles: A Recent History

Brazilian Armoured Vehicles infographic

Click to view full scale image

This month, news broke that Brazil’s economy had expanded by 2.7%, with expectation for defence spending to also climb at a rate of 18%, taking the total current budget to around $34.9bn. Aside to maritime patrol and ISR measures, Brazil is spending much of this on a fresh fleet of armoured vehicles, given the country’s concern for homeland security.

Defence IQ has created this handy timeline of armoured vehicle development and acquisition since 1975, tracing both successes and failures of local defence programmes, as well as the immediate threats for the nation’s present and future military vehicle plans, and domestic operations in which its military vehicles have been deployed.

Time will of course tell whether Brazil will avoid the mistakes of its past, as well as whether it makes the right judgement on the future requirements of its land forces – a notoriously difficult aspect of defence spending for international militaries.


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