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Interview: Guerman Goutorov, Chairman of armoured vehicle firm Streit Group

It’s been an important few weeks for Canada-based Streit Group as the armoured vehicle manufacturer cemented its place at the top of the food chain in one region, while expanding into another. Guerman Goutorov, the Chairman of Streit Group, talked exclusively with Defence IQ about the company’s vision for the future after opening a new facility in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) and announcing the establishment of a UK office.

“We see the opening of a London office as an important stepping stone which gives us an invaluable face-to-face presence in the UK and European marketplace,” Goutorov said. “Now we will be able to more readily discuss the requirements of prospective customers locally and also, crucially, gain a better understanding of the trends in what we see as a pivotal region for future expansion.”

While the UK opening is important in terms of what it symbolises for the company’s future, the opening of a new facility in RAK is a more tangible milestone and, according to a press release, “is by far and away Streit’s most significant in its 20 year history.”

At a cost of $21.8 million, the 1.4 million sq foot facility is now the largest armoured vehicle manufacturing space in the world. And that’s only after Phase 1 of the project has been completed. By 2014 the company will complete a further two phases with another $32.7 million investment.

You can read the whole interview here.



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