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Public confidence in national cyber defence strategies is lacking

Defence IQ’s Summer Cyber Defence Report has confirmed that 65% of respondents to our survey on national cyber defence strategies have no confidence in their government’s strategy to stop cyber weapons and protect public services.

The report, published last week, asked the question of global cyber defence strategies and asked respondents if their own national cyber strategies were made clear and were performing as expected. Over 60% of respondents for the report were directly responsive for cyber security solutions or decision makers and which a large proportion of respondents claiming that they were ‘unconfident’ with national strategies in cyber defence, this brought up the debate in whether countries should be doing more to protect their infrastructure.

But there has been some improvement in this arena, according to Defence IQ’s report. Over 47%of respondents claim that there has been some improvement in securing networks over the past two years, showing that strategies are heading in the right direction but not necessarily at the speed those in the industry has envisaged. However, slightly more worryingly, 9% claimed that their governments had made no significant improvement over the past two years, potentially leaving themselves open to an attack.

The findings of the report are to be used as a point of reference during discussion sessions at the Cyber Defence Forum, which will focus specifically on the challenges, operations and solutionsfacing armed forces and governments as they formulate national strategies to keep their defensive and offensive cyber capabilitiescurrent and in-line with the international community.

You can read the report in full here.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts – do you agree or disagree with the findings in this report? Would you like to write a follow-up in response? Email comments or article submissions to:


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